Finding Misspelled Items on Ebay

Hello!, my name is Rogelio and welcome to our Deal Mongoose Guides. Today I want to show you how to find misspelled items on Ebay using our misspelling search.

Before getting into the action, let me briefly explain how this works.

Normally when a seller wants to publish an item on Ebay, the user needs to define several values for his listing, for example the price, title, description, images among other things.

Sometimes however, either because the seller is in a rush, his native language is not english, or just got careless, they might put a typo within the product’s name. Maybe he listed an "Ipone” or an "Ifone" instead of an iPhone?, or perhaps a "ninendo” instead of a "nintendo”? … Who knows right?.

Spotting some of these typos might not be that hard, just time consuming though. Let me show you a quick example of a couple of misspelled ebay listings.

Let’s go to Ebay and put the work "ninendo” on the search field and let’s see what happens.

As you can see, by default, Ebay shows you the results for what it thinks you actually meant, similarly to what Google does on its search engine. Let’s click on "search instead for ninendo”... Ha!, so many ebay typos!!

And you can do it either for Buy Now or Auction listings, it works the same.

Now, you just have to modify your word several times in order to look for different misspelled ebay listings right?. Well, that’s actually why we build our ebay misspellings search engine. Just log into your free Deal Mongoose account and click on "Find Deals By Misspelling”

Click on the "Search Term” Field and put your brand name here. You can actually type whatever you want but we have seen better results by using brand or model names. Words like "nintendo”, "iphone”, "samsung”, "microsoft”, "panasonic” usually work really well. Let’s try the "nintendo” search again but now within Deal Mongoose.

It’s very important that you type it correctly though. Deal Mongoose will take your word, generate as much typos as it can and finally, perform a search on Ebay for you.

Another important thing to note is, try to scope your search results using the categories and filters on the left sidebar. The numbers in grey represent the amount of results after applying that category or filter.

Following the example we just did with the word nintendo, let’s scope all of our search results to the "Nintendo 3DS” platform

After applying the filter, you should only see misspelled ebay items for that filter.

Be aware that some items might not fit exactly within the category/model you specified (e.g. Nintendo 2DS on the previous image), but this is usually a minor issue within the resultset sent back from Ebay to Deal Mongoose.

Finally, if you want to clear out the filters, just click on "Clear All”

Please be aware that this option works only for Non-Category Filters, if you clicked on any of the sub-child categories and you want to see the results for the root category again, just search again using the main search box.

Hope this guide has been helpful, and best of luck on your deal hunting!.