How to find Ebay Auctions Ending Soon With No Bids

Today I want to show you how to find Ebay auctions ending soon with no bids or with a low maximum bid.

There are 4 common reasons why a listing might have 0 bids

  1. Too High Base Price
  2. Low Overall interest from other buyers (the product is not popular right now)
  3. Insane amount of listings with the same product (The product is extremely hot right now) which makes some listings get lost within the flood of results.
  4. The product title is misspelled and buyers might not be able find it that easily.

To look for listings within situation #4 , you should probably check our misspelling search ;).

Deal Mongoose has 2 search features that will definitely help you with the first 3 situations. Let’s start by going to Find Deals, Ending soon without bids.

The search form in here is pretty basic. Let's type the word "nintendo" (yeah you caught me I’m a gamer) and also, let’s set the ending time to 3 hours or less. Using this feature, you will always get listings with 0 bids, ending really shortly. Similar to the following:

If you wish, you can also type a maximum price limit, so you can get more crazy deals. Also, after the first search, you should probably use the filters on the left sidebar to scope your results by category, or perhaps by platform?, feel free to use the tools at your disposal.

An important note though, if you decide to check any child category and then, you want to go back to the initial category, you will need to use the search form again.

Our second search feature is actually really similar to this one. To see it, let’s go to Find Deals, Ending Soon With Low Bid.

Let’s try searching for the same word to compare the results, and this time, let’s put a limit of 70 usd as a maximum bid.

As you can see, this time the results might contain entries for which people already bid, but none of the entries will have a max bidding greater than the number you typed. The filtering behavior works exactly the same as our previous search feature.

Both features work really similar so we’re actually working on merging them as a single one.

Good luck, and we hope Deal Mongoose helps you finding those crazy ebay items ending soon that you’re looking for!.